PFD Miami
Appreciation for the Miami Campus in Oxford

The beautiful campus of Miami University is enjoyed by countless students, faculty, staff, alumni, residents and visitors each year. This brochure provides several walking routes, as well as information on the trees around our campus. As you walk in the Western College area, through the core academic quad on the old historic campus, or along the many nature paths to the south and east of the campus, you are experiencing the vision, wisdom and care that Miami’s leaders have demonstrated to provide this beautiful setting for Miami throughout its history.

Important in the development of these lovely grounds is the preservation and protection of the magnificent trees, the beautiful vistas of grass, and the many beds of flowers and shrubs. The planners have designed the buildings and their locations so that there are beautiful scenes all over campus. It was Robert Frost who said that the Miami Campus is the prettiest campus there ever was!

Walking the many paths around campus provides good exercise, allows time to think through and solve important problems, improves your knowledge about plants and animals, and presents opportunities to stop and talk to new and old friends.

As you walk through the campus and appreciate its beauty, please help keep it clean and beautiful for others to enjoy for years to come.