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Recyclemania 2012! (February 5 - March 31)

Recycle Mania began in February 2001 when Ed Newman (Ohio University) and Stacey Edmonds (Miami University) decided that something was needed to increase recycling in the residence and dinning halls on their campuses. RECYCLE MANIA WAS BORN!!! During this 10 week competition Miami U and Ohio U went head to head to see who could recycle the most. The first year Miami U took home the trophy with 41.2 lbs of material recycled per student. Recycle Mania has since been gaining more and more momentum (approximately doubling participation each year).

Since Miami started the competition in 2001, the number of schools participating nationally in the competition has grown to over 500 colleges and universities. Miami placed in the top four of each RecycleMania competitions from 2002 to 2008 when the competition included only students living in residence halls. Miami actually won the nationwide competition back in 2005. However, starting in 2009, the competition was expanded to include residence and academic halls. Miami finished 36th in 2009 and 289th in 2010.

We can come back and be national champions again! We need all students, faculty, and staff to get us there and recycle what they can. Let's win the 2011 Recyclemania Competition!

PLEASE Recycle ALL...Plastic Bottles, aluminum cans, paper, cardboard, and glass

Recycle Mania Overall Goals
  • A fair and friendly recycling competition
  • Increase recycling participation by students and staff
  • Heighten awareness of school's waste management and recycling programs
  • Expand economic opportunities while addressing environmental issues in a positive way
  • Ultimately lower waste generated on-campus by reducing, reusing and recycling

Official RecycleMania Website

Most Recent Results for 2011

Mary Lyon Hall is the winner for the residence halls with a cumulative of 15.64 lbs./student followed by Wells Hall with 11.26 lbs./student, and in third place, MacCracken with 7.54 lbs./student.

Academic/State Buildings
Building lbs/week
King 37908
Shriver 32951
Famer Schoool of Business 4765
Glos Center 3631
Bachelor 3110
Upham 2462
McGuffey 2054
CAB 2031
Pearson 1997
Gaskill 1923

Residence Halls
Building lbs/student
Mary Lyon 15.64
Wells 11.26
MacCracken 7.54
Hepburn 5.95
Stoddard 5.65
Clawson 5.46
Minnich 5.31
Porter 4.59
Emerson 4.32
Swing 3.79

Least Recycling Residence Halls
Building lbs/student
Ogen 1.1
Richard 1.17
McKee 1.23

Overall Week Totals (lbs.)
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
37131 38739 45528 42419 42059 37934 43059 286869

To see other week results for 2011 please click here.

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Miami beat 34 others schools in the per capita competition to win in 2005.

Recycle Mania began in 2001 between MU and OU to see which school could recycle the most per residence hall student. The contest has more than doubled each year since its inception. Miami University won the first Recycle Mania, and then lost twice to Bowling Green before beating out 16 other schools to recover the trophy in 2004.

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Contact Information

Contact the Office of Recycling at:
145 Cole Service Building
Phone : 529-9564 / 529-7005
E-Mail :

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