Total number of active projects: 43

Project Number Project Name Type Supervisor Contact 1 Contact 2
ALU.LIBREN.080112Alumni Hall - Room B3 and B4 RenovationMINOR PROJECTMike CreagerMike Creager - Project Manager - 513-529-0184
ARM.STUDCTR.060208Armstrong Student CenterMAJOR PROJECTRick RussellScott Shattuck 513-529-4413 or 513-200-9767Matt Grandstaff 513-351-6900 x6014 or 513-617-5062
BAC.ELVUPGD.082112Bachelor Hall Elevator Upgrades 2013MAJOR PROJECTScott ReinScott Rein @ 513-280-2562
BAC.FIREALM.080712Bachelor Hall Fire Alarm Upgrade 2013MAJOR PROJECTScott ReinScott Rein @ 513-280-2562
BEN.LEARNLB.073012Benton Hall 206 Learn LabMINOR PROJECTMike SmithMIKE SMITH 513-529-2361
BIS.RENO.083111Bishop Hall RenovationMAJOR PROJECTTed ChristianAl Caldwell 513-276-2295
CAB.ROOM119.092812CAB Room 119 RenovationMINOR PROJECTChrissy WaddelMIKE SMITH 513-529-2361
CHP.METER.030813Sesquicentennial DDC ControlsMINOR PROJECTDoug Hammerle
CSB.PULLTWR.113012Pulley Tower - Controls UpgradeMINOR PROJECTMike CreagerMike Creager - Project Manager - 513-529-0184
E&G.RELAMP.062513E&G Relamping ProjectMINOR PROJECTDoug Hammerle
ETH.NEWRES.050111Etheridge Hall = New Residence HallMAJOR PROJECTConnie McCarthyJeff Haines 614-212-3705Kim Plummer 513-464-6225
HAM.ADARAMP.072612Phelps Hall ADA RampMINOR PROJECTVinny CirritoTodd Kuck, JL Kuck 937-836-0081
HUG.HVACIMP.041713Hughes C-Wing HVAC Improvements Phase OneMINOR PROJECTScott Rein
HYT.FAUPGR.110512Hoyt Hall Fire Alarm UpgradeMINOR PROJECTDan PattersonCES-Nick Naber: 513-703-6845CES-Greg Triosi: 513-324-1699
HYT.RM303.113012Hoyt Hall Office Renovation Room 303, 305 and 110CMINOR PROJECTMike CreagerMike Creager - Project Manager - 513-529-0184
INN.RENOV.110111Miami Inn - Renovation to Residence HallMINOR PROJECTRobert BellRob Miller (614) 206-9102
KNG.DIGIT.110612King Library Center for Digital ScholarshipMINOR PROJECTTed ChristianDan Meid, GC Contracting, (513) 274-3971
KNG.EMERGEN.110110King Library Emergency Generator UpgradeMAJOR PROJECTDan PattersonProgressive Plumbing, Gary Ruhl-513-863-1711AC Electric, Ryan Sweeney-513-383-1578
KRG.RENO.050608Kreger RenovationMAJOR PROJECTJack WilliamsJoe Romanello 740-370-5745Chuck Springmyer 614-206-0119
MOS.EMERGEN.100112Hamilton Campus-Mosler Hall Emergency Generator InstallationMINOR PROJECTDan Patterson
MSS.MAPLEST.100110Maplestreet Station Dining/Res HallMAJOR PROJECTConnie McCarthyDenny Bates 513-708-2465Kim Plummer 513-464-6225
MUO.COOKREN.020812Cook Field RenovationMAJOR PROJECTJohn SeibertLarry Conger 513-616-5206Jerry Wright 513-932-1206
MUO.DRACP2.121511Door Access Phase 2MAJOR PROJECTRick RussellJeanne Via 529-6728
MUO.EPLANS.071812Install Emergency PlansMINOR PROJECTRandy StephensRandy Stephens 529-1722
MUO.FRMIRR.092112Campus Irrigation - Farmer and Marcum CenterMINOR PROJECTScott ReinScott Rein @ 513-280-2562
MUO.GARLTNG.012813Parking Garages Lighting RetrofitMINOR PROJECTDan PattersonRapier-Omer Jacobs: 513-275-2416
MUO.HCLNDSC.040312Heritage Commons Landscape ImprovementsMINOR PROJECTVinny CirritoChad Oberson (513) 678-1597John Russo (513) 275-2620
MUO.HDSCP13.121012Campus Hardscape Improvements 2013MINOR PROJECTVinny CirritoMeg Congiano, Monarch 513-276-1032Ron Cornett, Monarch 513 276 9178
MUO.HRDSCP.043012Campus Hardscape/ Concrete Repairs 2012MAJOR PROJECTVinny CirritoRob Wear (513) 200-2691Andy Jansen (513) 200-2688
MUO.MAPLE.040211Maplestreet Station Site InfrastructureMAJOR PROJECTDoug HammerleJ.L. Kuck- General Contractor Matt McGuffey cellphone - 937-430-4802Orbit ? Mechanical Contractor John Adducchio cellphone - 937-603-3931
MUO.METSITE.020812MET Quad Site ImprovementsMINOR PROJECTVinny CirritoMatt McGuffy, JL Kuck 937-430-4802Todd kuck, JL Kuck 937-836-0081
MUO.OCCSEN.030612E&G Building VAV Box Occupancy Sensor InstallationMINOR PROJECTDan PattersonDEC, Mike Chaney-937-529-9531
MUO.RETRO.032213Retrocommissioning Oxford CampusMINOR PROJECTDoug Hammerle
MUO.TUNLTOP.070212Central Quad Tunnel Top ReplacementMINOR PROJECTKevin MorrisBob Biehle -- Monarch - (513) - 200-9679Meg Cangriano- Monarch - (513)-276-1032
MUO.WCEMADD.120412Western Campus Electrical Modifications-Additional WorkMINOR PROJECTDan PattersonLake Erie Electric, Joel Fellman-513-267-2201
MUO.WCEMPH2.110512Western Campus Electrical Modifications-Phase II (WCEM II)MINOR PROJECTDan PattersonLake Erie Electric, Joel Fellman-513-267-2201LEE-Greg Bulach: 513-267-2202
REN.WTRMNRP.090512HC - Rentschler Hall Water Main Replacement 2012MAJOR PROJECTScott ReinScott Rein @ 513-280-2562
SHC.BKSTORE.120103Shriver Center Bookstore EnhancementsMINOR PROJECTTed Christianhas been turned over to maint.
STB.PHASE1B.010313Equestrian Center - Phase 1BMINOR PROJECTVinny CirritoKipp Horine, Monarch, 937-307-3400Greg Meister, Monarch, (513) 383-3950
SWORD.LTNG.012813MC Southwest Ohio Regional Book Depository-Ltg. RetrofitMINOR PROJECTDan Patterson
WDH.WESTDIN.090211Western Dining FacilityMAJOR PROJECTConnie McCarthyNathan Minnich-Weber 513-200-7953Todd Clevinger 937-313-7668
WSA.NEWRH.040611Western Campus Residence Halls A B & CMAJOR PROJECTRobert BellMatt Wilson (216) 214-1729Chad Zgonc (216) 214-2003
YWS.NGCONV.090712Yager Stadium Complex Steam to Natural Gas ConversionMAJOR PROJECTScott ReinScott Rein @ 513-280-2562Gary Ruhl @ 513-518-3856