Pizza Boxes

We have purchased large black bins that pizza boxes, leftover crusts and slices (but not do-dads) can be easily deposited into for composting. All YOU have to do is bring the pizza box to a bin when one is residing at your hall. Eco Reps will be posting notices in the halls as reminders.

Here’s the schedule. We will be tracking the progress of the participating residence halls, so check back to see how well you’ve done.

January 28 - February 8th -- Wells, Dorsey
February 11 - February 22 -- Peabody, Thomson, Scott
February 25 - March 8 -- Flower, Dennison
March 18 - March 29 -- Stanton, Anderson
April 1 - April 12 -- Emerson, Tappan, Stoddard, Elliott

Check Out Pizza Box Results

Scott Hall

Scott Residence Hall is leading the way with single stream recycling! This user-friendly recycling method no longer requires you to sort your recycling at the bin. Whether it is paper, a plastic bottle with its cap on, or an empty pop can, deposit it in the new blue single stream recycling bin. Follow the pictures on the sign to see how easy this is.